Flour & Love was born from a collaboration of two like-minded sisters, Annaliisa & Kirsten. They grew up inspired by art and farming. Their grandparents on their mother’s side were artists and on their father’s side were farmers. Grammie had a giant flour bin for her baking and a host of home grown ingredients. Pop Pop was a self-taught painter who loved interacting with the world almost as much as he loved painting it. Their parents, also artists, encouraged them to follow their creative path wherever it may lead. As it turned out they were surrounded by flour and love.


As a child, with a love for experimentation and fascinated by baking, Annaliisa developed an uncanny knack for creating delightfully delicious concoctions. Professionally honing her skills as a baker and pastry chef, she has been creating inspired delectable wedding cakes for ten years. One foot in the past, one in the future, her refined pallet brings farm table ingredients to a sophisticated setting.


A true artist, Kirsten pursued her passion for aesthetics while earning a BFA from Maine College of Art.  Focusing on jewelry design and sculpture she has spent years creating beautiful design in a wide array of mediums. Developing a love for culinary creations she’s learned from the best, her sister, transferring her design skills into sugar and fondant.


Flour & Love, some things are just meant to be.